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OEM audio solutions manufacturer MISCO’s core business is designing custom speakers and amplifiers for clients in diverse industries. Realizing an opportunity to grow revenue by offering commonly specified parts for purchase online, for prototyping and small batches, MISCO hired Windmill Strategy to add e-commerce functionality to their website. Key website design initiatives:

  • Generate more leads and funnel them directly to Sales
  • Showcase MISCO’s tailored product solutions
  • Promote and elevate the MISCO brand
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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Analytics and Insights


  • Magento
  • E-Commerce Customizations and Custom Coding
  • Product Database


  • Increased Content Edibility
  • Added E-Commerce Functionality


OEM Manufacturing Web Design Case Study Misco Speakers MoblieWith design and manufacturing located in Minnesota, MISCO is a one-of-a-kind resource—an audio-solutions supplier serving numerous industries: aerospace, gaming, home audio, military, commercial, professional audio and more. The 70-year-old firm designs and manufactures speakers and amplifiers for motor vehicles, turnkey systems, signal devices, alarms, musical instruments and more. MISCO is known for its high-quality, long-lasting products, including a full range of speakers and amplifiers. Many providers can make a speaker, but MISCO provides a complete solution and a value-added long-term engagement.


Appealing to a Broad Range of Personas

MISCO’s biggest challenge was addressing the unique needs of a handful of key B2B customers, including engineers, purchasing managers and corporate project managers. Communicating trust and technical capabilities to decision-makers is essential for professionals who vet and source components. Particularly components that are ultimately part of OEM products such as vehicles, aircraft, and specialized equipment.

To build credibility with audience segments, we created three personas to tailor messaging for mechanical engineers, audio engineers, purchasing agents, quality managers and others. The three personas were:

Researcher: Middle- to senior-level leaders performing due diligence or approving purchases. These could include purchasing managers, procurement VPs and quality managers.

Builder: Engineers working on an OEM product that requires an audio solution, or who are looking for specific parts. They work closely with MISCO engineers and experts on custom applications and products.

Contractor: These professionals procure products that have been usually specified by an engineer or system designer, or need replacement parts. Contractors will order inventoried parts by contacting the company or buy online.


Creating a Best-in-Class Customer Experience

To appeal to multiple audience segments, we designed a site that prioritized the customer experience for each persona, which made it easy to quickly purchase a part for a prototype or evaluate a custom product. The website is easy-to-navigate for decision-makers who don’t have a lot of time to waste. After all, if prospects can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly leave and move to a competitor’s website. At the same time, with more people visiting websites on mobile devices, we designed the site to deliver a consistent experience (responsive) from a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop.

Innovative Website Design Features and Functionality

By sharing comprehensive product specifications with prospects, MISCO helps engineers and decision-makers educate themselves and easily order products from a broad range of high-end audio solutions.
Furthermore, the site was designed with a customizable “feature compare” function, which included a sound wave visualization capability powered by Highcharts.


OEM Manufacturing Web Design Case Study Misco Speakers Product Image


This innovative feature gives MISCO the ability to enter a series of data points directly into the product detail page. The result is a graphical representation of how each product performs. Finally, the site presents rich, SEO-driven and shareable content on how to select the right speaker for the customer’s application, while directly connecting them with MISCO’s CRM for easy lead tracking.


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