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Site Planning and Consulting Firm Web Design

Clear differentiation and increased visibility for a site design consulting firm

Landform is a site design consulting firm that offers services like civil engineering, landscape architecture, master planning, infrastructure, land surveying and water resources design and management. Their services help municipal and commercial clients with site design and development challenges from Site to Finish®. They wanted help updating their website to be engaging, highlight their diverse expertise, and clearly differentiate from the competition. Windmill Strategy helped them tell their story by creating a custom, highly visual layout that created focus around their key differentiators.


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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing


  • Case Studies
  • Filtering/Advanced Search
  • WordPress


  • Increased visibility, engagement, and differentiation

Clearly Differentiating the Quality of Landform’s Solution

Landform wanted to update its website design but didn’t want to just copy what the competition was doing. Instead, its leadership wanted to stay true its core value, quality. Landform wanted to highlight its multi-disciplinary expertise through quality design and content.

Another goal for leadership was to improve engagement and improve the effectiveness of its SEO efforts. While they were ranking well in certain categories, they weren’t performing well for keywords directly related to their services. Windmill helped put together a plan to help Landform achieve its goals.

Telling a unique story through design and focus

Landform has a unique story but its old website wasn’t telling it effectively. Windmill wanted to focus on Landform’s differentiators with the new design. It did this in two ways. First, it used the homepage hero banner to focus on Landform’s core values. The homepage also clearly showcased Landform’s three lines of service which helped highlight their multi-disciplinary expertise.

“90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.” – 3M Corporation

Taking into account the power of visuals, Windmill Strategy revamped Landform’s visual presentation sitewide. For example, the home page, service pages, and the project gallery all made strategic use of photos. Now almost every key element on the page in accompanies by a powerful image. This new design is both engaging and elegant.

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