ISMTE branding and positioning

Positioning and Branding for International Society of Managing and Technical Editors

ISMTE, the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors worked with Windmill to refresh their brand from the ground up. We began our work with a positioning statement, new tagline, and brand story to help ISMTE define who they are in words, followed by the development of a visuals including a new logo, brand guidelines, stationery system, PowerPoint presentation materials, and a new publication design for their e-publication, EON. For this project, Windmill provided the brand building blocks that the organization could then apply to the rest of their brand materials internally, as they refreshed their brand on the global stage.

Services Utilized

  • Branding & Visual Design


  • Logo Redesign
  • Positioning


  • Increased clarity around messaging, differentiators, and organizational purpose, driving further outreach and engagement

"Thank you so much for all your help! It is really exciting to see everything come together. It is very satisfying to see where we were at the beginning and what we have achieved during the process."
Diana EpsteinManaging Editor, Di-Ep Biomedical Editorial Services Ltd

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