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Website Redesign for an Industrial Automation Company

Innovative Products and Equipment needed a reimagined, modern website to amplify its position as a leader in the custom automation equipment industry, which is comprised of numerous mid-market competitors. The company’s customers are primarily engineers, who are looking for particular expertise in automation solutions that cut across several industries.

Windmill Strategy worked with Innovative’s leaders to create a website that conveyed the following messages:

  1. Innovative’s professionalism and unwavering commitment to ensure every project is successful are unmatched in the industry.
  2. Innovative has deep expertise across multiple sectors where custom automation equipment solutions can be game changers for manufacturing companies.
  3. Innovative engineers and manufactures complicated, challenging systems for its customers where competitors chose to walk away.

About Innovative Products and Equipment

Privately-held Innovative — headquartered in New Hampshire — has over 35-years experience in the design and manufacture of custom automation equipment. Its offerings include automated assembly equipment, automated test systems, machine vision systems, and robotic system integrators. The company services a variety of diverse industries: medical devices, pharmaceutical, injection molding, life sciences, automotive, consumer markets, and many more.

How to Connect With Discriminating Engineers

Innovative’s new website had to connect with demanding engineers who were seeking assurances that the company can deliver equipment when promised and within budget. This industry is plagued by vendors that have made promises to customers and failed to deliver on contracts and purchase orders, leaving engineer customers in binds that can result in substantial monetary losses. Stories of abandoned projects spread fast in the industry, and can permanently harm a firm’s reputation.
Given the long lead times to design and build custom equipment, Innovative customers want to be confident the company delivers on its promises. Innovative also knows that many of its customers are repeat buyers, even if they leave their company for a new firm. Indeed, the goal is not to sell customers a single machine, but to sell that customer many. The design and content of the new website needed to evoke the feeling that loyalty matters.

Windmill Strategy’s Design and Development Approach

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We designed the website around a minimalist, modern aesthetic that relied heavily on graphics and quick-to-read messaging. Site architecture was intentionally flat, with intuitive, global navigation.

Additionally, we built the website using the open-source and reliable content management system WordPress. Innovative can easily maintain the site — adding images and making copy changes whenever necessary. To keep costs low, we designed it with only two unique page templates, which were enough to meet Innovative’s needs. Additional functionality, such as blog integration, page-specific sidebar areas, calendar integration, and more editable template fields, could easily be added by the customer if needs change in the future. And at the speed of Innovative’s growth, those changes will undoubtedly be coming sooner than later.

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