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Sentry Air Systems saw an increase in sales on the custom filter side of the business during the COVID-19 pandemic and ramped up their manufacturing capabilities to meet rising demand. To support the new Sentry Custom Filters (SCF) division, they needed a website distinct from their existing company site, which focuses primarily on their extensive line of high-quality fume extraction equipment.

Sentry found Windmill’s low-key, informational sales approach appealing and chose Windmill for the project after interviewing several possible partners.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding
  • SEO
  • UX Consulting
  • Web Design & Development


  • Alert Bar
  • Content Strategy
  • Custom Design
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  • The client contact who had launched seven websites in 16 years considered this the best experience he’s had.

About Sentry Air Systems

Founded in 1983, Sentry Air Systems is a manufacturer of high-quality fume extraction equipment for industrial, medical and pharmaceutical applications. Demand for their custom filters increased dramatically after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Sentry Air created a new division, Sentry Custom Filters (SCF).

Situation: A New Division Required a New Website to Support Sales and Help Expand Markets

To launch its new custom filter division, Sentry Air Systems needed a separate, dedicated website, based on the content previously housed on just one page of the Sentry Air Systems site.

In addition to meeting increased demand for custom air filters, Sentry Air sought to leverage its excellent industry reputation to expand from their manufacturing customer base more deeply into the medical and pharmaceutical markets. During the course of the website design project, they were in the process of a major expansion of their facility, including an area dedicated to manufacturing carbon filters.

For SCF, they needed an attractive, easy-to-navigate website to succinctly convey thought leadership and expertise in the custom air filtration market. The benefits of their project intake and manufacturing process would need to be highlighted to appeal to ideal customers, those committed to a high-quality custom solution. Decision makers could be senior management, purchasing managers, design engineers and/or facilities and maintenance personnel.

Solution: A Clean, Simple Design and Strategic Content and SEO Choices Made the Most of Limited Assets

Creating enough content, including enough imagery, to sustain a new website for initial launch was somewhat challenging, but the client and agency teams worked together to make it happen, and the client was pleased with the end result. Some pictures were taken on the fly; we custom-designed iconography for the Our Process page to highlight the steps of the process and their importance, and we helped finalize SCF’s working logo and make it web ready. We also provided copyediting services.

B2B Custom Filter Manufacturer Sentry Mobile ResponsiveBy collaborating with the client to phase the project work in chunks for launch and then identifying goals for post launch, we were able to design and develop the website, create content and proceed to launch within the planned timeline.

We used Gutenberg blocks to create a custom website design for SCF. Part of the development process was making sure the first round of on-page optimizations was as impactful as possible. In addition, Windmill created a detailed strategic plan for pay-per-click (PPC) and organic SEO post launch.

Given that the objective was to keep the Sentry Air and SCF brands separate, nothing is linked back and forth between the sites, and nothing will be until the new site has established domain authority. The two sites do not even have common contact information.

The Sentry team appreciated easy communication and quick turnaround, and they liked the tools that Windmill set up to provide feedback. Sentry will continue to work with Windmill on a PPC campaign and other marketing.

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