The Best B2B Industrial Website Design Examples

Written by Windmill Strategy
Best Industrial Website Design Example Image - Path Robotics

Technical and industrial B2B companies differ from B2C companies in many ways, and it follows that they have very distinct needs that need to be addressed in the design, user experience, and functionality of a high-performing industrial website.

Their products and services are complex, often difficult to explain, and sold over a long sales cycle that includes multiple decision-makers. The websites and B2B industrial digital marketing efforts needed for success share similarities with B2C best practices, but also require much more specificity, knowledge of the industrial marketing space, nuanced effort and attention to detail.

An industrial company’s website is the hub of its marketing. Industrial websites are often the first point of contact for potential customers, often engineers, scientists or other technical individuals who use them for independent research, and will only trust a company enough to initiate a sales conversation if they’re able to first quickly and intuitively find information and answers on the website. Every aspect of industrial website design, from functionality to content, is crucial in making a lasting impression and generating trust.

However, many B2B and industrial websites continue to fall short. They tend to be allowed to fall out of date, offer a poor user experience, gate content that shouldn’t be gated, and fail to adequately represent the quality and experience of the products, services, and company that they represent. They often fail to deliver quality leads, or act as a useful sales tool. A survey highlights the primary reasons B2B marketers seek website refreshes, including outdated content or positioning (57%), not delivering quality leads (14%), difficulties in editing or maintaining the site (14%), and outdated visuals (14%). These shortcomings underscore the importance of a well-maintained and effectively designed website in the B2B and industrial sectors.

We’ve gathered a few of our latest and all-time favorite industrial web design examples below.

Examples of Industrial Website Designs That Hit The Mark

Kongskilde Industries: Industrial Pneumatic Material Conveyance Website

Founded in Denmark in 1949, Kongskilde Industries is a global provider of pneumatic material handling solutions, for industrial and grain-specific applications. The website offers useful paths to steer visitors into these two areas in multiple places in the homepage and main navigation, and then throughout the website offers helpful images and directional content to help visitors find the right application, resource, or product that fits their circumstances or needs.

Best Industrial Website Design Example Image - Kongskilde


Best Industrial Website Design Example Image - Kongskilde


Best Industrial Website Design Example Image - Kongskilde

Path Robotics: A Website for a Leader in the AI Robotics Industry

Path Robotics, an AI company specializing in industrial autonomous welding robots, has a website that reflects its cutting-edge technology, and clearly states who they are, and what they do, right away on the homepage, with the headline “Truly Autonomous Welding Powered by AI Technology.” Followed by additional explanatory text to tell the whole story: “We create manufacturing robots that autonomously scan, position and weld your parts without the need for skilled welders or robot programmers.” One thing we see in many not well-designed industrial websites is a lack of this type of clear messaging on the homepage.

This website has a unique design aesthetic that sets it apart from many more traditional-looking B2B websites, and is fitting to help tell the story of their technology. Useful imagery and video content throughout the website provides context for what the product does, and an explanatory “how it works” section on the homepage explains the technology further, for those not yet familiar.

Best Industrial Website Design Example Image - Path Robotics

Best Industrial Website Design Example Image - Path Robotics

Auria Solutions: Automotive Industry Supplier Website

Auria is a leading supplier of highly engineered systems for automotive acoustics, textiles, cargo- and thermal management for gas and electric vehicles. Their website shows that industrial websites don’t need to be boring, and can in fact be highly interactive and image-forward – when images help to tell the story and don’t get in the way of conveying information. An interactive tool adds interest and information to the homepage, showing website visitors where Auria’s products appear throughout a vehicle.

Best Industrial Website Design Example Image - Auria

FasTest: Industrial Sealing Tools Manufacturer Website

FasTest is a dedicated manufacturer of advanced connection tools for production testing, fluid transfer and other processing applications, providing custom or off-the-shelf solutions to industries including automotive, appliance, aerospace, HVAC-R, compressed gas and medical/life sciences.

Best Industrial Website Design Example Image - FasTest


Windmill’s mission was to achieve this complex set of goals while adhering to a set-in-stone launch date. A wide range of Windmill’s services would be tapped, including analytics and insights, branding and visual design, CRM and sales enablement, and web development and design.

Micro Weld: Advancing the Welding Industry with a User-Focused Website

Micro Weld, with nearly a hundred years in the business, provides dependable butt welders for various industries. The machines look extremely similar to anyone outside the company, and so their website makes use of smartly designed filters to allow users to filter by metal, construction, and industry right from the homepage or main navigation, with further filtering within the products section, by welding range. This type of useful filtering is important for any high performing industrial website for a product-driven company.

Best Industrial Website Design Example Image - Micro Weld

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics: Industrial Website for Elastomer & Thermoplastics Solutions

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics (MRP) is a world leader in industrial material compound development, engineering design and manufacturing of custom-molded elastomeric and thermoplastic components and assemblies.

Best Industrial Websites

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics asked Windmill Strategy to reimagine its company’s industrial website for a modern, digital era. The result was refreshed, clearer messaging and sales collateral, a state of the art company video, and a compelling, responsive website that would drive more targeted traffic while increasing lead quantity and quality.

Dover Tubular Alloys: Industrial Tubing & Pipe Distributor Website

Dover Tubular Alloys, Inc. is a master distributor of stainless steel and aluminum tubing and pipe, serving exclusively metal service centers, distributors and other wholesalers.

Best Industrial Websites 2


Dover Tubular Alloys, Inc. wanted to update their industrial website to increase business, improve user experience, and enhance overall SEO performance. Because they typically have quick turnaround times for purchases, they wanted to make the process easier for existing customers and prospects alike. Windmill Strategy composed a plan to address all of Dover Tubular’s new site goals with new features like an improved product search experience, clearer calls to action, a reduction of vertical scrolling, and an overall modernized aesthetic update.

McNally Industries: Industrial Website for a Supplier to the US Department of Defense

McNally Industries serves the United States Department of Defense and the world’s largest prime contractors with hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical systems as well as complex, precision machined components for critical defense and aerospace applications.

Best Industrial Websites 3

McNally Industries wanted to update their website to provide a state-of-the-art appearance to modernize their business. They wanted to take their basic, outdated website and change it into a point of validation and trust, conveying a message of professionalism to existing and referral clients within the DoD. Windmill Strategy’s website redesign process was to create a top-to-bottom web design strategy that would keep a clean user experience, improve navigation, and offer enhanced visual content.

Primary Flow Signal: Industrial Flow Meter Solutions Website

Primary Flow Signal (PFS) is a leader in the flow meter industry, having provided their one-of-a-kind products and custom industrial manufacturing for over thirty years.

Best Industrial Websites 4

We chose their site for this list because it delivers exactly what potential buyers are looking for. Well-organized and interlinked product and services pages, strong calls-to-action on all strategically relevant portions of the site, and a mobile-friendly display come together to create an intuitive user experience for technical audiences.

Holland Supply Company: Industrial Gas & Utility Supplier Website

Holland Supply recently came into new ownership. Up until that point, Holland Supply had only relied on word of mouth referrals to make sales, so the new team inherited zero marketing. In order to begin a new marketing effort, they needed to start with a brand new industrial website and custom e-commerce functionality. The redesigned industrial website brought an exponential increase in engaged traffic, and continues to evolve as the company grows.

Industrial Website Design

HydroPoint: Industrial Smart Water & Engineered Irrigation Solutions Website

After HydroPoint, a smart water management company, acquired Baseline, a provider of engineered irrigation solutions, HydroPoint needed to integrate the acquisition into its website, which provided an opportunity for rethinking the entire structure and functionality of the site and improving elements such as mobile responsiveness and lead capture.

B2B Irrigation Water Management Web Design HydroPoint Mobile Responsive

Oldies but Goodies: More Examples of The Best Industrial Website Designs From Years Past


Eyecon Visual Precision Counter: Automation Device Manufacturer Website

Eyecon is a company that designs and manufactures innovative countertop automation systems for pill counting and prescription validation for retail pharmacies. Long story short: they have a complex B2B product offering that needs an intuitive website design that simplifies the buying process. Luckily for them, that’s exactly what they have.

The reason Eyecon made it on this list is because their website makes expert use of value-added features. An ROI calculator and demonstration video work together to both compel and drive prospects to act on their website. Both items lead to greater engagement on the website, and the ROI calculator provides overview information without passing a “gate,” but also works as a lead generation tool, providing a downloadable detailed calculator to those who enter their email address. Everybody wins!

Best Industrial Websites 5

Aspect Automation: Industrial Automation Website

Aspect Automation is a company that designs and builds equipment to help manufacturers optimize performance, product quality, and system uptime. Reputation and trust are integral to their business, and they have a website designed to exemplify those values. That’s why they made it on this list.

Their website is bold and intuitive, sticking to providing information instead of distracting visitors with too many unnecessary features.

Best Industrial Websites 6

A video background on the homepage gives a direct look at the effectiveness of their automation, and industry and technology pages provide clear information for engineers and purchasing. They give you exactly what you want: clear information with a compelling presentation.

Plexus International: Website for a Training and Software Supplier to Industry

Plexus International is a global leader in offering comprehensive software application and development services to meet the unique needs of global industrial manufacturing supply chain orgs. The services they offer are both complex and customizable. Because of this, they need a website design that is informative and simple to understand. They don’t want anyone getting lost in the complexity. Instead, their website guides visitors toward understanding, and, in turn, sales.

Best Industrial Websites 7

Plexus International made it on this list because they go out of their way to use their website to connect with customers and prospects alike. They offer advanced ecommerce logic to promote direct sales, live and virtual training events, single sign-on via connected systems, and more.

MISCO Speakers: Industrial OEM Manufacturer Website

Not all industrial websites are the same. The goals of most are to inform, intrigue, and connect. Audio OEM manufacturer MISCO has a website that does all that and more. Their website offers the performance and information that draws in a variety of personas, from researchers to builders to contractors. What it also offers, and what sets it apart, however, is its customizable e-commerce functionality.

Best Industrial Websites 8

Supermax Tools: Industrial Drum and Brush Sander Manufacturer Website

SuperMax Tools manufactures drum and brush sanders for the woodworking and metalworking industries. We worked with SuperMax to relaunch a new, visually driven, user friendly website that provides their two primary audiences — hobbyists, and commercial users — with easy-to-find product content, video tutorials, and dealer locations for SuperMax’s sanders and supplies.

Best Industrial Websites 12

An interactive map and dealer listing make it easy to find both physical and online dealers. A multi-tabbed product page delivers a large amount of content, including specs and videos that help hobbyist buyers learn about the product before buying, while keeping the interface quick-and-easy to use for commercial buyers. The entire custom designed website is fully responsive, built on a WordPress content management system, making it easy for the client to update information. Our work supported the growth of the company and the purchase of Supermax by California-based Laguna Tools.

Technical Tool Products: Industrial Tool & Solutions Provider Website

Engineers and purchasing managers come to Technical Tool Products (TTP) for hard to find tools and technical solutions. The company’s experts are known to work tirelessly with its customers to provide custom tool solutions for the most vexing engineering challenges.

Best Industrial Websites 13

TTP offers deeper knowledge and more expertise than any of its competitors, and a new website design needed to convey that fact. Trust is essential in this industry, where repeat business is earned by sharing knowledge and recommending solutions. For most prospects, TTP’s website was the first time they interacted with the company. TTP hired B2B expert Windmill Strategy to transform the old site into a more compelling experience for prospects and convert visitors into customers.

How to Design a Great Industrial Website

There’s a lot we can learn from the success of these industrial websites. Great examples will have an intuitive user experience, well-written content, and be visually clean and memorable, without getting in the way of the information. A high-performing B2B industrial website includes several key components in order to effectively attract, engage, educate, and convert leads. The homepage, for instance, needs to feature a clear positioning statement that declares in simple language what the company offers, and why website visitors should care. Other critical homepage components include, an overview of products and services and/or verticals or applications, and at least a paragraph about the company. 

The user experience (UX) is central to keeping site users engaged, and what this means is simply providing an intuitive path, or multiple paths to the content that they seek. After getting a clear overview of what you offer, Engineers want access to specifications, form factors, 3d models, and other detailed information that they can sink their teeth into. For customized solutions and services, case studies that show how you’ve solved similar problems will give them assurance that you can solve the problem that they’re up against. Once you’ve gained the trust of your audience, clear and effective calls-to-action and conversion points are a necessity. More often overlooked are the inclusion of ways for your audience to convert before they’re ready to talk to sales, and join your marketing funnel, such as gated articles, webinars, and calculators.

Research has found that nearly three fourths (70%) of a buyer’s journey happens before they reach out to sales. That means that the bulk of their decision-making process is happening on your website. 

Industrial website designs we’ve collected in this article that have strategy, organization, and user experience and content that can earn the sort of increased lead quality and quantity all companies are hoping for. 

Seeing examples of so many cool industrial websites is inspiring, isn’t it? You might be finding yourself wondering how your business can have a site like that as soon as possible. We’ve got a surprise for you: all of these sites were developed and designed by the team at Windmill Strategy. If you want to start things out with a free consultation, get in touch with our team today. We’d love to hear from you.