Windmill Strategy WebinarsGain insights into effective B2B website strategy as we share what works in the specialized world of industrial and technical marketing.

Who will benefit from watching these webinars? Business owners and B2B marketers alike will sharpen their understanding of what generates leads and builds momentum online.

Marketing for industrial and technical companies is challenging. At Windmill Strategy, it’s our specialty. View our webinars and come away with valuable knowledge and perspectives based on our experience with businesses like yours. Each webinar is about 40 minutes long and filled with actionable information on B2B website strategy for niche technical industries.

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Articulate Who You Are - June 23rd, 2021

Does your website’s initial view clearly outline what you do and who it’s for, and why prospects should care? If not, this is one of the highest-impact activities that you can embark upon, and also one of the easiest to implement, once the wordsmithing is done.

Webinar: Articulate Who You Are

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Know Your Audience

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, especially not in B2B industrial companies with niche audiences and complex products and services. These offerings are not for anyone and everyone, and if you approach your website and marketing with the idea of casting a wide net, you’ll miss the mark. To be truly effective, each piece of your marketing and content needs to be laser focused on attracting, engaging, and converting the very specific people who will come to represent your best customers.

Truly knowing your audience is one of the key principles of a great industrial website’s design and strategy.

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Define the Needs and Goals for Your B2B Website Redesign

The first step in building a plan for designing or updating a B2B industrial website is to define the specific need and what your goals are. Decisions that you make in this stage will lay the groundwork for a successful project. Join us as we break down how to do this.

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B2B Website Strategy Webinar

Today’s B2B marketing leaders are resource-constrained: declining budgets, fewer people, competing priorities and not enough time. In this white paper, learn how to leverage your company website, new strategies, and the right metrics to build digital marketing programs that deliver business results.

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