In 2021, Take Back the Lead with Your Website & Digital Marketing

After all that 2020 has brought us, I think we can agree we have higher expectations for 2021.

Written by Kathy Kassera Mrozek
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Or maybe all we need is a return to a “normal” year, whatever that is. Our wish for everyone reading this is to get more out of your B2B websites and digital marketing initiatives in the new year.

The past year’s shift to nearly all-virtual, digital marketing experiences from traditional selling has been a wake-up call for companies that have failed to embrace modern marketing practices. Yet, the B2B marketers who have kept up the pace of innovation are now in the enviable position of outperforming their peers and competitors with advanced digital marketing tools and superior technology.

Wherever you are on this continuum, our advice for the year is: Don’t get caught up with shiny objects, make sure that you have the basics in place, and experiment pragmatically with new initiatives to adapt to the current climate. And make sure your website homepage is working for you and your salespeople—not against you.
Here’s a checklist to get started:

  1. Be sure the first thing prospects see on your website is a clear positioning statement—and tell more of your story of how you can help them as they scroll down the homepage.
  2. Define your ideal customer profile (ICP) if you haven’t already. Your ICP also informs your positioning statement. Don’t overdo this step, but don’t skip it entirely.
  3. Engineers and technical buyers crave online information they can find themselves before talking to your salespeople. Ask your sales team what questions they hear the most, and make those answers easily findable in your website content.
  4. Invest in writing quality case studies, which gives prospects trust and confidence you’ve solved similar complex problems before and will be able to help them solve whatever their unique situation brings.
  5. Invest in SEO. Even if you’re sales-driven and aren’t generating quality leads online (yet), your competitors likely are. Industrial SEO is unique; make sure you only attract traffic you most care about (job titles, industries).

An Actionable Digital Marketing Strategy that Delivers an ROI

A Digital Marketing Strategy Quick Start gives you access to senior strategists, expertise-driven advice, and an easy-to-implement tactical plan. Our team understands the challenges of small marketing departments within technical industries. You won’t find any fluff or overly academic exercises here, we’ll cut to the actionable items so you can get working on improving your marketing right away. You’ll get:

  • Actionable strategic advice on what to fix first on your website
  • A prioritized digital marketing roadmap for immediate gain and increased traction over time
  • Advanced analytics and access to experts

Implement the plan yourself, or we can help execute it as needed. We’re currently offering our Digital Marketing Strategy Quick Start for only $3500 ($7000 value). You’ll get:

  • Strategic recommendations focused on the highest near-term priorities and KPIs.
  • A three-month roadmap that you execute, we execute, or we work on the roadmap together.
  • Tactics to improve your marketing without a costly website redesign
  • A holistic view that includes the website, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and more.
  • Access to senior digital marketing and website specialists without a long-term commitment or contract.
  • Quick turnaround

Fast Forward Past a Time-Consuming Web Redesign and Lengthy SEO Audits

You don’t have to wait for a website redesign, months of audits and planning, or endless retainer fees to start seeing traction. Learn more about the Digital Marketing Strategy Quick Start, and how you can improve your marketing, starting today.

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